Drunk Driving

Criminal defense attorney experienced handling drunk driving  cases


DUI in the State of Connecticut is a very serious offense.  The laws change consistently, and Connecticut is becoming more and more strict with DUI cases.  When someone is arrested for a DUI, there are in actuality two separate and independent proceeding that take place.  The first proceeding is the criminal action which takes place in the criminal court.

The second proceeding is by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. Within 30 days of the arrest a letter will arrive from the DMV.  The letter is time sensitive.  A person usually has 7 days from the receipt of that letter to request a hearing prior to the suspension of one’s license.  If a person does not request the hearing within 7 days, they will forever lose their right to fight off a license suspension.  The DMV will initiate a suspension proceeding (Per Se hearing) against the accused.  The sole purpose of the DMV action is to determine if the accused’s drivers license should be suspended.  Any person facing a license suspension by the Connecticut DMV is entitled to a full administrative hearing prior to the DMV suspending a driver’s license.

Our office consistently appears at these hearings to fight any suspension.  The hearing also serves a second, and more important function.  As your attorney, we are entitled to subpoena the arresting officer to testify at the hearing.  The reason this is so important is because the officer can be cross examined prior to being prepared by the prosecutor in the criminal case.  Many times, police simply testify foolishly as to what they observed that evening.  The entire testimony is recorded, and a transcript can be ordered to be used in the criminal proceeding in the criminal court.   Hiring a lawyer to represent you in the DMV hearing is imperative.  The case can live or die at this hearing.