Violation of Probation

You need a lawyer who successfully defend violation of probation charges.

Once a person is convicted of a crime, very often they are put on probation.  There is always a suspended sentence that goes along with probation.  If a person violates the conditions of their probation, they are subject to serving the suspended portion of their sentence in jail.  There are many reasons people are charged with a violation of probation.  The most common reasons are a new arrest, positive urine for illegal substances, failure to report, and failure to complete counseling.  There are many other reasons which can lead to an arrest as well.  Simply because you are charged does not mean you must go to jail.  You are entitled to a hearing before a judge.  You are not entitled to a jury.   The standard of proof is much lower in a violation of probation hearing.  The standard of proof the prosecutor must meet in a criminal case is beyond a reasonable doubt.  The standard of proof that must be met in a violation of probation is a preponderance of the evidence.  In other words, the court must answer whether the probationer “more likely than not” violated any of the conditions of his/her probation.  The state need not prove multiple violations. They must only prove one violation.

A violation of probation is a very serious crime in Connecticut. The evidence required for a conviction is less than a normal criminal case, and there is no jury.  The matter is heard before a judge.  We have represented countless individuals who have been charged with violation of probation and have successfully kept many of our clients out of jail.

Defending a violation of probation requires more imagination and creativity.  Our office has successfully defended the simplest to the most serious violation of probation charges.